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Vermiculite Insulation Testing Ontario

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring substance popularly used as an insulation material. At Asbestos Environmental of Canada, we utilize the best equipment in vermiculite insulation testing in Ontario and use proven techniques in vermiculite removal, ensuring quick and easy remediation.

Does vermiculite insulation contain asbestos?

Yes. The most widely used vermiculite insulation in Canada, the Zonolite extracted from the Libby mine, showed traces of asbestos which poses a serious health hazard.

The testing and removal of vermiculite insulation greatly minimize this risk. In most cases, apart from during construction and demolition works, you can leave the insulation in place undisturbed with proper precautions. Assume the insulation contains asbestos and avoid disturbing it as you could potentially release asbestos fibers into the surrounding environment. If you cannot avoid going to the attic, reduce the number of trips to limit exposure.

Look for alternative storage apart from the attic and restrict access to this area. If you plan on conducting any works in this area, hire a certified professional who will provide vermiculite insulation testing and foresee the proper handling and removal of the vermiculite.

Can I remove vermiculite insulation myself?

Never attempt to remove the insulation yourself. Handling asbestos-containing vermiculite is very dangerous if you are not qualified to do it. Since it is hard to see, taste or smell the microscopic asbestos in vermiculite, its removal is a task that requires extreme caution. Disturbing the asbestos-containing vermiculite insulation can put all people close by at risk since the toxic mineral fibers can slip through a standard dust mask. It can also cause secondhand exposure due to contaminated work clothes.

Leave the removal of vermiculite insulation to professionals who can handle them with the utmost care, ensuring no contamination. We are the best providers of reliable and efficient asbestos-based vermiculite testing and removal.  If you suspect your attic insulation contains Zolonite, or are planning a demolition or renovation of an old house, schedule a vermiculite insulation testing with us to know your options when it comes to vermiculite removal.

Benefits of using professional vermiculite insulation testing in Ontario

Vermiculite insulation containing asbestos can cause serious health risks if not handled correctly or if disturbed during demolition, maintenance, or renovation. A professional vermiculite removal service provider is qualified to test the insulation for asbestos and handle any risks associated with removing it without putting anyone at risk. Our certified asbestos inspectors will use the latest asbestos testing methods to establish the extent of the asbestos problem, informing the vermiculite removal plan.

The results of the test are provided by an independent laboratory, ensuring a high degree of accuracy after which we formulate a vermiculite remediation plan to ensure maximum effectiveness. Only trained licensed inspectors and technicians will handle the job for you, following strict protocol with regards to the sealing of the contaminated areas and the disposal of the vermiculite.  For the most reliable and efficient vermiculite insulation testing in Ontario get in touch with Asbestos Environmental of Canada.

Vermiculite Insulation Testing Ontario
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