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Asbestos Inspection Toronto

Before the discovery of its carcinogenic properties, asbestos was the ideal component in the making of various materials in several industries. You can find it in roofing, wall and attic insulation, hot water pipe insulation, etc. To find out if you run the risk of exposure, contact Asbestos Environmental of Canada for a comprehensive Asbestos inspection in Toronto.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a toxic, naturally occurring fibrous mineral. This mineral was popular for use in the building and manufacturing industry during the twentieth century because of its low cost, heat resistance properties, and high durability.

A material is classified as an ACM (asbestos-containing materials) if it contains more than 1% asbestos. Suspected ACMs are materials which are considered to contain asbestos but have not been conclusively analyzed to confirm it.  

How to conduct an asbestos inspection

An asbestos inspection describes when a qualified individual assesses a building looking for asbestos-containing materials (ACM) or materials suspected to contain asbestos. An asbestos inspection involves more than visual identification. It also includes taking samples of the materials for testing in the laboratory and air monitoring to accurately identify the presence of asbestos in the building materials and the air and determining in what quantity.

We pride ourselves in offering the best Asbestos inspection in Toronto. Our asbestos inspectors perform a thorough inspection of the property and provide an accurate, comprehensive report of the extent of your asbestos problem if any. If our inspectors find ACMs and suspected ACMs, we apply the highest level of care and use the safest methods, in extracting samples to reduce your risk of exposure. We will also suggest an appropriate way of handling it. 

Do I need an asbestos inspection?

Yes, especially if you plan on carrying out any construction works such as demolition or renovations. An asbestos inspection is also necessary after damage to buildings caused by natural or humanmade disasters. Asbestos-containing materials are usually disturbed during such activity, which results in the release of the fibers which pose a severe health threat to those near the building.

We have over 25 years’ experience in dealing with asbestos-related problems. Our certified inspectors ensure proper asbestos testing and efficient asbestos removal.

Types of asbestos inspections

We carry out the asbestos inspection in three ways:

  • Visual inspection – this type of inspection is carried out without taking samples. It is usually common in the purchase of the real estate. It involves taking a calculated guess on whether or not a building contains asbestos because taking a sample could disturb the material, causing minor damage to the property.
  • Visual and samples inspection – We usually offer this service to those considering carrying out renovations on their properties. This inspection eliminates the potential risk of exposure to the surrounding environment after the disturbance.
  • Air monitoring inspection – we carry out this inspection during the asbestos removal process to guarantee the air quality within the building.

At Asbestos Environmental of Canada, we have the advanced knowledge and state of the art equipment to provide the best asbestos inspection in Toronto.

Asbestos Inspection Toronto
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